Floor Heating In YOUR Home

By Lena|January 22, 2016

Need under floor heating (known as floor heating) installed at home? Never look past anyone but Speedheat! Based in Elsternwick in Melbourne, Speedheat have a huge product range when it comes to floor heating and under floor heating and to be honest; it’s seriously affordable! Every winter there is warmth generated and emitted throughout the house which keeps us warm […]

Designer Cushions Online by Voltaire et Montaigne

By Matthew|December 26, 2015

If you are looking for designer cushions online, do not go past Voltaire et Montaigne. Their exquisite collection of designer cushions online is to die for. The diverse range is beyond luxury, and certain to fit anywhere in your home. I bought some for my daughter and son-in-law – their lounge room looks like an interior designer had come through […]

Garden Walls by O2 Plant Walls

By Veronica|December 18, 2015

My husband and I are inner city dwellers. We love our CBD lifestyle, however are looking to incorporate more natural greenery into our lives. Without a garden or front yard, we wondered how to make this dream a reality. That is when O2 Plant Walls Garden Design provided the solution we needed. We now have a luscious, green and healthy […]

Xmas Present Idea

By Matthew|December 13, 2015

With Christmas around the corner, I wanted to find my parents a gift which wouldn’t just be another object to go onto the mantel piece, I wanted to get them something they could use and enjoy. Since they just moved houses, they were still lacking a few things that give a house that homey vibe, so I decided research rugs […]

Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds

By Shannon|December 9, 2015

My best friend and I had been living out of home for nearly 2 years, and never had a hiccup with our payments, until 6 months ago, when we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Tokyo, requiring us to dig into our rent savings. However, once we came, we only really understood the situation we were in, causing quite […]

I got my confidence back thanks to Liposuction Australia

By Matthew|December 5, 2015

I suppose like a lot of women, I’ve also had a few issues with confidence. There are some days where the size of my body doesn’t worry me at all, and then others, I feel like I can barely leave the house. In particular, I had real issue in how my arms looked. “Tuck shop lady arms”, “wobbly wings”, I’d […]

The best organic coffee on the market!

By Matthew|November 30, 2015

For me, choosing organic produce was something that I gradually developed over time. I read one article and before I knew it, I’d jumped into a full-fledged investigation and gathered copious amounts of research. I started easily, then steadily tried to make the move to all organic. For coffee, in my opinion, Cisco’s Coffee has some of the best organic […]

Confidence Is Looking Your Best

By Veronica|November 24, 2015

Even when I was a young kid, I had always had issues with my eyes, whether it be dry eyes or constantly irritated, it began to be quite an issue. Once I was 23 I decided to enquire about double eyelid surgery, as I had what is referred today as “Asian eyelid” and required surgery. After meeting with Dr.Lin at […]

NTP Forklifts: Used Forklift Sales in Australia

By Shannon|November 20, 2015

Not so long ago I had to organise the logistics for a wine tasting event my company was planning in Melbourne. We realised we needed a forklift, but that hiring one just for the event was not the right investment as we would probably need another one for our next event. In the end we decided to purchase a used […]

Fantastic Floor Heating Melbourne

By Veronica|November 18, 2015

When I decided to do a minor renovation to the family home, I wanted to spare no expense in finding the best floor heating Melbourne had to offer, because family is everything, and I wanted mine to know that I care. Luckily for me, when I found Quickheat, I realized it actually wasn’t going to cost me a small fortune […]