Dry Needling from a Sports Physio

By Veronica|October 3, 2015

I was surprised to find acupuncture so effective and in many ways, dry needling is just acupuncture but at Platinum Physio, it’s so much more precise. Platinum physio are a premium sports physio with an incredible breadth of knowledge on treating sports injuries. The way they use dry needling to treat muscular pain has been incredible for me. I’ve been […]

Naturalizer for Online Shop Shopping

By Matthew|September 29, 2015

  When you buy shoes online Australia, it always pays to buy quality. I never understood the fascination people have with quantity when it comes to shoes. Of course, you need to have stylish shoes for any occasion, but this is remarkable easy to achieve and I honestly think a wardrobe with more than 10 pairs of shoes in it […]

Affordable Instrument Insurance

By Matthew|September 24, 2015

  Instrument insurance is the only reason I’m confortable travelling with any of my guitars to gigs because they are all extremely precious to me. Some of the value of course, is sentimental, and you can’t really insure for that. It does mean you can potentially have an instrument repaired but there’s only so much damage a guitar can recover […]

Allied Health 2 You

By Shannon|September 20, 2015

  We have slowly come to rely on Healthcare 2 you for all sorts of different services in the last few months. Our first contact with them was as a pain management clinic and gradually we found they have more and more services that are incredibly helpful for people in circumstances like ours, with sudden allied health needs we weren’t […]

Great House and Land Packages Melbourne

By Matthew|September 15, 2015

  If you’re looking at a new house, especially a family home or retirement home, where city proximity and access to the action are not the first priority, house and land packages Melbourne are worth considering. Finding good value in the market these days is getting harder and harder and average people are being forced to look for alternatives. Fortunately, […]

Yarra Valley Wine Tours Like Nothing Else

By Lena|September 10, 2015

The Yarra Valley is the region that keeps on giving. I’ve been dozens of times over the years and I always discover something new when I go. My latest trip was actually my first organised tour to the region and it was easily my best. We spoke to Dreamscape Tours about something special for father’s day for the whole family […]

Blockout Blinds Awnings

By Lena|September 5, 2015

I’ve known about Blockout Blinds for a while and have had blinds and shutters from them. I didn’t know they also did awnings, nor how long they’ve done them for. Like everything else with Blockout Blinds, they do them exceptionally well, with a good range that makes it hard to go wrong. An area where Blockout Blinds really shines is […]

Stunning Gold Engagement Rings

By Matthew|September 1, 2015

Lots of things come in and out of fashion, which is why I wanted to keep it really simple with an engagement ring for my now fiancée. I don’t think you can go past gold engagement rings for something really stunning and timeless. Bensimon Diamonds make unique engagement rings in classic styles and you can even look at their engagement […]

Lovelight Blinds sure do deliver on quality and value

By Veronica|August 20, 2015

I always struggled with venetian blinds Melbourne, I just kind of thought that, as good as they looked they were always to difficult to maintain. Especially with kids and pets around the house, they’re the sort of blinds that require constant care and attention when you’re using them, at least so I thought. When we went to Lovelight to have […]

Masque IPL Hair Removal

By Lena|August 15, 2015

IPL hair removal is one of the best options for long lasting hair removal. Finding a first class clinic for ipl hair removal Melbourne can be a challenge. While I wouldn’t want a wax or a facial from somewhere average, that’s especially true for IPL hair removal, which is just a little more technical and a lot more expensive. Getting […]